FAQs - Admin

FAQs - Admin

General Questions

What is the TSR score?

The TSR Score (Tyfoom Success Rating), is a performance indicator that offers a quick snapshot of a user's success and progress in Tyfoom. It includes watching assigned videos, getting good scores on quizzes, accepting all company policies, and completing tasks. The company, divisions, and groups are also given a TSR score based on their users' TSR.

Can users watch the training on the computer, or do they need to have the app?

As a companion to the app, users can complete their training through the computer. First, they will need to log into the iOS or Android app at least once, and then they view the User Portal when they login to Tyfoom.com on a computer. From the User Portal, they can view their assigned training, video training history, and full video schedule.

Dashboard Tab

How do I see who didn't complete their training for a specific day?

When you're on the Dashboard, click any day on the bar graph. This will take you to a view that shows who has and hasn't completed the training for the day.  

What are Total Interactions?

The Total Interactions take into account all interactions your users have had with Tyfoom, including:
  1. Trainings Completed
  2. Notifications Read
  3. Badge Count
  4. Policies Accepted
  5. Certificates Added
  6. Forms Completed

What is an Unresolved Flag?

When you create a Form, you can mark an answer with a flag so if anyone ever answers the question with that answer, it will notify a user or group of a needed action to resolve that flag. For example, if someone answers the question, "Were you injured at work today?" with a "Yes", it would send would a notification to who you specified so action can be taken.

Employees Tab

Certificate Tracking

What is Certificate Tracking?

Our Certificate Tracking feature allows you to upload and track any type of training that expires and needs to be renewed by an employee. Once it has been uploaded, it will notify both the manager and user when it's going to expire. The admin/manager is notified via email at 60, 30, and 7 days, and the user is notified at 90, 60, 30, and 7 days before it expires.

What is the difference between Certifications and Certificates on the Sub-menu?

The Certifications are the different types of training that expire that you need to track, while Certificates is a list of all the certifications assigned to employees. For example, CPR Training is a certification. Then, go to Certificates to add that certification to John Doe.

How do I put a user's certificate into the system?

Click Here to view an article on how to add a user's certificate into the system.

External Training Courses

What is an External Training Course?

An external training course is any training course that you have a record of for an employee. You can upload that information into Tyfoom to create a complete training database for all of your employees' records. Like certifications, you can create multiple training courses, then once someone has completed that course you can add them to it.

How do I add External Training Courses and show mark users have completed them?

Click Here to view an article on how to add external training courses to a user.

Management Tab

Company Structure

How do I determine what videos an employee will see?

Employees are added to a group, and then that group is assigned a list of videos. Once the group has been created, you can add videos into the group schedule in the order that you want them. Any employee that is a part of that group is then assigned those videos in the order you set.


What are Divisions?

Divisions are how you can create different management levels and your company structure inside of Tyfoom. Within a division, you can assign groups or create further subdivisions. 


What are Groups?

When an employee is put into Tyfoom, they are added to a group. This group of employees is then assigned a list of videos that they will be assigned to complete. This is where you can create additional groups, assign employees to a group, and manage the video schedule for each group.

How do I see what videos are assigned to a group?

To see the group's video schedule, go to the Management tab. Click on groups. Then, find the group you want to see the schedule for and click on it. When you click on it, you'll see the video schedule for that group.


What are Policies?

A policy is any type of company document that you want to send to an employee, and require them to read and agree to what it says. You can assign these to specific employees, groups, or company-wide (including new hires). Once they've been assigned, you have visibility that they've been read and accepted by the employee(s).

How do I assign a policy out to users?

Click here to view a short article on how to create and assign a policy in Tyfoom.

Videos Tab

Tyfoom Library

How do I see the available videos on Tyfoom?

You can search for any video from the search bar. Or, you can view the different categories/sub-categories available. To do this, go to the videos tab. From there, you will see a sub-menu that shows the different categories of videos that we have. When you click into one, for example, OSHA: you will see additional sub-categories, and you'll then only see all the videos that we have associated with that main category. You can then click into the sub-categories to view those specific videos.

Company Library

Can I add our own videos to be seen through Tyfoom?

Yes! You can add your own videos to Tyfoom. Once you're on the Videos tab, click on "Company" from the sub-menu. For more detailed instructions on how to upload your own video, click here.

How long does it take for a video to be approved?

If the video is submitted Monday - Friday between 9-5 pm Mountain time, they will typically be approved on the same day. If not, they'll be approved on the next business day.

On-site Tab

What is an On-site Training?

An "On-site training" is any in-person training that you want to track and log automatically in an employee's history. You can use this to track any in-person training completed, as well as quiz participants on what was taught.

How do I schedule an On-site Training?

Click here to view a short article on how to create and schedule an On-site training in Tyfoom.

How do I see who has attended an On-site Training?

Once an On-site training has been completed, click on the On-site tab. Then, click on "History" from the sub-menu. Find the training and then click on it. There you will see the report of who "completed", or attended, the training, and who did not. Or, you can search an individual employee's history from the employee's tab. 

Alerts Tab

What is an alert?

An alert is a message you can send to a specific user, group, or all employees. It is delivered to them through Tyfoom and first comes through as a push notification to that user, and then can be seen with all previous notifications inside the app. Once an alert has been sent, you then have visibility into which employees have seen, or haven't seen, that message.

How do I send an alert?

Click Here to view a short article on how to send an alert. 

What does priority level mean?

The priority level is a way for the admin to be able to quickly sort the different messages that have been sent to the user. Whichever priority level you choose, they go through the same way to the user.

How do I know who has seen an alert?

There are two ways. First, go to the alerts tab and then click on "Sent" from the Alerts tab. Once there, click on the Alert that you want to know who has seen it. From there you can click on "seen" and "unseen" to see who has viewed the alert. The second way is to look at an individual employee's training history to see which alerts they have been sent but have not viewed.

Do Alerts go get sent out immediately?

Yes. Alerts are immediately sent out. Depending on the cellular connection of the employee(s) receiving the alert, they'll receive instantly.

Forms Tab (coming soon)

Settings Tab

Go to the Settings Tab on the left, and then click on "Company" from the sub-menu. Then, click on "Company Logo". From there upload the logo from your desktop. We recommend it be a PNG file with a transparent background. 

How do I set what days our company does training?

Use this link to view your current company schedule, and make adjustments: https://app.tyfoom.com/settings/schedule

If an employee or group has a set schedule, those will override the Company Schedule. 

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